By using our services, you will receive professional assistance in handling all the necessary documents and requirements for working in Indonesia. We will help you expedite the document processing so that you can focus on your work. With our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of regulations and rules in Indonesia, you can confidently entrust the document management to us.

About us

We are a consulting services company based in Batam City, where timeliness is our company's selling point. This company profile is created as a basis for consideration, offering, cooperation, and product information that can be performed by our company. Although our company is still young, the experience and partnerships we have built can be a consideration for your company to entrust us. Hopefully, our company profile can provide insight and considerations for establishing good cooperation with you.

Our Vission

Based on Value & Time

To be the leading consultancy company in managing legal documents for foreign workers in Indonesia by providing the best and reliable services to our customers, with a focus on timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality and reliable consultancy services for managing legal documents for foreign workers to our customers.

To be a strategic partner that can assist customers in fulfilling their needs for legalizing foreign workers’ documents accurately and efficiently.

To prioritize customer satisfaction by providing timely and professional services.

To develop and maintain good relationships with customers and partners.

To continuously improve the quality and competence of human resources to enhance the quality of services and customer satisfaction.

To continuously innovate and improve to meet customer needs and expand the services we offer in the field of managing legal documents for foreign workers.



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